Want to use your body weight to produce amazing movement, learn skill and build up your mobility? Interested in calisthenics and body weight workout to build muscle? Introducing the new BellyProof Muscle (details inside the main website).

BellyProof Skinny Fat Transformation

If want to participate in some of the fitness research, we recommend you check our profiles here. This is for scientific academic discussion only.


BellyProof v4 is the only program available, allowing you to see results with losing your belly fat even after a week. The entire body transformation takes 5-6 weeks and it is well structured to follow the latest scientific understanding.

While keeping an easy to follow guidelines, the BellyProof program fully address the following:

  • Exercises to break and burn fat – rather than just “work the muscles”.
  • Takes advantage of hormonal states, fasted states and ketogenic states that goes beyond your diet and nutritional ketosis.
  • Target BellyFat by making sure we inhibit Alpha-2 and Cortisol receptors which are blocking access to stubborn belly fat.
  • Takes full advantage of cellular properties to increase adaptation to fat (over glucose) as well as increase the ability of the cells to draw oxygen (for fat oxidation).
  • A built in methodology for motor control and mobility improvements.


As you can see, unlike most programs who deal mostly with “calories”, “metabolism” and “working hard to sweat it”, the BellyProof program really takes the science, and it’s application to the next level.

While the full body transformation takes 5-6 weeks (which is still much better than a 12 weeks body transformation), you can start seeing results with your belly fat after the first week.

Join the fun.